You Can At Last Become a Master at Using LinkedIn AND Get Through and Sell

With LinkedIn for Sales Success you will learn exactly what you need to do with, and in, your LinkedIn account to find, and be found by buyers. AND you will learn the precise persuasive messaging to use to get to and sell buyers, instead of being ignored and rejected.

'We both look forward to helping you use LinkedIn more skillfully than you ever imagined to find all the buyers you want, and then turn them into customers by saying the right things to get through and SELL. We are providing you with our best, newest instruction that you will begin using immediately to get new business!'

Crystal Thies, 'The Linkedin Ninja,' and Art Sobczak, author of 'Smart Calling'

You'll Learn How to Use LinkedIn to Find and Connect With Buyers, and What to SAY to Get In and Sell, Instead of Being Ignored and Rejected

With LinkedIn for Sales Success you can and will use your LinkedIn account to find and be found by prospects who buy what you sell. Many training courses stop there. And they want you to believe you can generate leads with LinkedIn and that means people will automatically want to buy from you.

If it were only that easy. We all know that you still need to be able to SELL. And we help you do that, too.

You will get exactly what to say in emails, InMails, voice mails, with screeners, and with decision makers on the phone to create interest and engage them in a meaningful sales conversation.

It's Simple...Super-Successful Sales Pros Need to Master LinkedIn AND
Know How to Prospect and Sell

Neither just having a LinkedIn profile, or making "cold calls" is a sufficient strategy to get business. To make the big money you need to combine LinkedIn proficiency with proven Smart Call prospecting to set yourself apart from the noise, and self-interested salespeople who get ignored and screened out.

You get that in LinkedIn for Sales Success.

  • Developed FOR Salespeople, BY Salespeople

    Most people do not optimize their LinkedIn profile for SALES and use their account in a way to be attractive to buyers. Crystal Thies built her own book of business using LinkedIn and shows you how as well.

  • You Will Sound Like a Polished Pro

    Bad sales messaging is still bad even if someone is OK at using LinkedIn. You will get word-for-word, conversational, non-salesy phrasing to adapt, or use as-is with LinkedIn connection and engagement scenarios, based on Art’s proven Smart Calling process.

  • You Will Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition

    Buyers today do not have the time or the interest to pay attention to people they perceive as just vendors or salespeople. They are interested in speaking with, and seek out professionals who demonstrate they can deliver value. They know you ARE that person when they see your LinkedIn profile, your LinkedIn engagement, and they see and hear your Smart, customized value messaging.

We've Jam Packed Everything Into This Simple Online System, So You Can Master LinkedIn and Sell to New Buyers With Ease...

LinkedIn for Sales Success is two state-of-the-art training courses married into one, resulting in you combining your LinkedIn efforts and intelligence with a proven prospecting process and messaging in order to pump up your sales to levels you dream about.

Here is an overview of what you'll get in the program.

LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt Training

  • Building an Effective Profile for Sales

    You’ll see exactly how to set up your profile for SALES so you can be found by buyers, and project an image of someone people want to buy from. You’ll get mistakes to avoid, and what to change right now.

    In these 20 videos (relax, most are under 10 minutes, some as short as four) you’ll see how easy it is to take advantage of every single piece of your profile and make it work for you.

  • Building a LinkedIn Network for Referrals

    LinkedIn is all about connections. In these six videos you will see how to find people to invite, HOW to properly invite them (and avoid the rookie mistake most people make), who and why to accept invitations, and how to effectively stay in contact with your connections so you are top-of-mind when they want what you sell.

  • Finding Perfect Prospects

    This section alone could quickly pay for your entire course.  Here is where you see exactly how to find buyers. In these 16 videos you’ll get advanced search techniques, how to find multiple buyers, users and influencers in an organization, “reverse prospecting, searching by trigger events, connecting with gatekeepers, using the LinkedIn introduction function, and much more.

  • Sharing With and Messaging Your Network

    This is perhaps the most underutilized, yet powerful aspects of LinkedIn, that takes very little time to make a HUGE impact on potential buyers. In these eight modules you’ll see how to make yourself visible and position yourself as the go-to person when someone needs what you sell. You create credibility, trust, and a perception of high-value.

  • Using LinkedIn Groups

    You can and should hang out where your buyers enthusiastically do. There are many mistakes and pitfalls to avoid, and definite processes to follow in order to engage, connect with, and sell to fellow group members. You’ll see exactly what to do and avoid in these five videos.


Smart Calling LinkedIn Sales Training

  • Creating Your Possible Value Propositions

    Here is where you define THE reason prospects will speak with you. It’s where you get, or review the possible value you can deliver to your prospects. It’s the answer to the “What’s in it for me?” question that everyone asks themselves when they read or hear your communication. Everything you say or write must include a PVP if you want to create interest.

  • Intelligence Gathering

    Your sales intelligence is what allows you to customize and tailor your messaging so that it instantly grabs your prospects’ attention. There are a number of places where you can get valuable intelligence about your prospects, their companies and industries other than LinkedIn. You’ll see these here.

  • Social Engineering to Gather Even More Intelligence

    Some of the very best intelligence you can get is from people. Learn the techniques that computer hackers have used for years to easily break through security barriers. Of course you will do it without misrepresentation, and for reasons which will help the company and the buyers. You will be amazed what you can learn when you know the proper process.

  • Objectives; Never Experiencing Rejection

    Here you see how to properly draw your roadmap for a successful call. And, how to never again experience what has been the downfall for millions of people who gave up selling: rejection.

  • Working WITH Screeners and Assistants

    This section contradicts all of the garbage that has been passed along over time about going through, past, around, over, and under screeners and gatekeepers. You will see exactly what actually works. Working WITH them to get through, instead of screened out.

  • Much of what is taught about voice mail is wrong, and in some cases a bit slimy. Here’s the real story, and what you need to do.

  • Opening Mistakes That Cause Resistance

    There are over 20 phrases and questions that sales reps use in openings that immediately cause resistance. You’ll see exactly what to avoid so your calls don’t go down in flames with the first words out of your mouth.

  • Interest-Creating Openings

    Your opening either creates resistance or interest. Here you will see how to do the latter, and see specific examples of LinkedIn situations you can use as-is or adapt, as well as what NOT to say.

  • Handling Early Resistance on Your Calls

    There will be situations where you get some early resistance. It’s a reflex, not an objection, and here’s how to address it–not with a goofy-sounding and adversarial rebuttal.  Plus you’ll get how to deal with situations where they’re happy with their present supplier, when they want you to just send information, early price questions, and when they just “are not interested.”

  • More Smart Calling and LinkedIn Sales Ideas

    Here are more brief tips and best practices you can use right away to make your Smart Calling and sales with LinkedIn more productive. Ay ONE of these many ideas could pay for your entire course!

  • Getting and Staying Motivated

    Much of this training program focuses on the mechanics of LinkedIn and prospecting by phone: what to do and how to do it. Really, though, none of that matters unless you possess the most important part: the mental ability. This is the desire to work and succeed, the self-motivation that drives you, confidence in yourself, and a positive attitude. Here are ideas to get and keep the fire roaring.

Look at What Others Say About Their Results With Crystal's and Art's Training

“I have used Crystal's Linkedin training to help me understand how to get the most out of Linkedin. She helped me understand how to upgrade my profile to make me easier to find and she provided great assistance with helping me to get introduced and connect with others. In short, her training has helped me develop many new opportunities as a result of my greater understanding and use of Linkedin. Truly ‘Ninja’."

Mark Zazeela, International Mailing and Shipping Consultant
APC Postal Logistics

“Crystal always delivers the insight, resource and effective solutions that I require to grow the impact of my LinkedIn strategies. Today's sales professional must deliver results through comprehensive application of proven and leading practice. I regularly recommend Crystal's services to those that want to elevate relationships and results.”

Steve Platt, Learning Solutions Representative
Macmillan Science and Education

"Art's techniques, approaches and best practices are relevant and practical. Pound for pound its some of the top sales training I have seen in my career and I have taught PSS and QBS."

Paul Coreia, Branch Manager
T.D. Ameritrade

"Art, I've been in sales for 10 years and have had a lot of sales training. Yours by far has been the best. I'm now a huge fan and major ambassador and I will be purchasing and using all your systems and techniques and sharing them with every sales person I meet."

Victoria Walker, Managing Director
Walker Williams Consulting

"Art did a customized sales workshop for my sales team, and if you are looking for tips, and tactics, and practical advice to take your team to the next level I highly recommend Art to any sales organization."

Scott Severson, President

Special Free Bonuses... Valuable Complementary Resources You Will Use

Look at what you will also get with your LinkedIn for Sales Success program...

  • Bonus 1 - Written Transcripts of Every Module

    If you like to see the written, printed word to enhance your learning, you will enjoy having the transcripts of every word of this training. You will be able to download the files and read online, or print out for your convenience, and also use for notes and as a workbook.

  • Bonus 2 -TWO Follow-Up Training Webinars

    A few weeks after registration closes, Crystal will present a follow-up webinar with additional LinkedIn tips and techniques, and do some adjusting of actual course owner profiles. A couple weeks later Art will also do a program with more Smart Calling instruction to help you get through and sell, and he’ll review and do makeovers of actual call scripts.

    If you can’t attend the program live, no worries. They’ll be recorded and posted in the course area.

  • Bonus 3 - The Getting Started with LinkedIn Workbook

    This workbook is a companion to the video training that helps those people who are better with step-by-step written instructions. Crystal isn’t even selling this yet, but she will. And you get it free.

  • Bonus 4- The Sales Person's LinkedIn Action Guide

    This task list breaks down the most important activities of a LinkedIn strategy into daily, weekly, monthly, and as-needed to-dos. By adding these task list items as recurring appointments in your calendar, you’ll be certain to keep your LinkedIn strategies moving forward.

  • Bonus 5- The Book, "Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling"

    In the free training videos, Art mentioned THE book you need to own that shows you how and where to get MORE sales intelligence about companies and people that you ever thought possible, by using these powerful web search secrets.

  • Bonus 6- Your LinkedIn for Sales Success Black Belt Designation

    After you complete the course, you can earn your LinkedIn for Sales Success Black Belt designation. This will come with a certificate you can print and proudly display, as well as list in your LinkedIn profile. To earn this designation, you simply will tell us how you used the material in the program to connect with and engage a buyer into a sales process, and what you are now doing regularly as a result of this program.

You Will Always Have the Latest, Most Up-to-Date LinkedIn Instruction, and Sales Methodologies

LinkedIn likes to make changes to its service.  So we will be updating the program regularly.  You'll always have a new product. You will have lifetime access. No additional updates charge. No renewal. No monthly charge, no yearly charge, no higher level you have to pay for.  It's like buying a car once, but always owning the newest model without ever paying again.

100-Day, No Risk, Use It Free Guarantee

If at any time in the first 100 days you own this program you feel it’s not worth far more than every penny you invested, we will credit back all of your money. It's that simple.

You risk nothing. Unless you do nothing.

Your Authors and Presenters... Professionals With a Proven Track Record of Helping Others Get Business

Crystal Thies Crystal Thies, 'The LinkedIn Ninja'

For over six years Crystal Thies has provided training, consulting, coaching, and speaking on how to use the LinkedIn® platform for sales and business development. She assists small businesses, solopreneurs, sales professionals and corporate sales teams in understanding and implementing the power of LinkedInPrior, she built her own book of business as a successful financial planner using LinkedIn..

Art Sobczak, President Art Sobczak, President, Business By Phone Inc.

For over 31 years Art has helped salespeople worldwide say the right things to get through, get in, and sell, through his speaking, training, and books, audios, and videos. He's author of the best-selling book, "Smart Calling- Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling," which was awarded Top Sales Book of the Year by Top Sales Awards. Most of all, he doesn't just write about it, he's a salesperson just like you and uses everything he teaches.

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    A.As Crystal says in Module 3.3 of the program where she talks about all of the different LinkedIn options, if you are serious about sales, you will benefit from the advantages of a premium account. However, she also does cover how to do searches with a free account as well.

  • Q.This looks like a lot of material. I couldn't get to it all right away. Should I still buy it?

    A.It is a lot. And you don’t need to go through it all in one sitting, nor could you. You didn’t get to where you are right now overnight. What you will do right away is show benefit from every single module you go through. The best time to start is today.

  • Q.Why are you closing down enrollment in the course? It's online, you could sell as many as you want.

    A.We are opening up the program for sale for the very first time on June 25, and only to Art’s subscribers and customers and Crystal’s, and to the followers of a few other colleagues. We are going to evaluate our sales process, the reaction to the course, the metrics, and then roll it out to the world in about two months. We will be enrolling a lot of course owners now, and selling more in a few months, that’s for certain. But not at this price, that’s for certain as well.

  • Q.There are other courses out there that are cheaper and they say they will get me tons of leads with LinkedIn.

    A.Of course there are, and of course they say that. They will appeal to people who want the easy way and expect that they can set up their LinkedIn account and customers will throw money at them without selling. We make it perfectly clear: we are helping salespeople who know they need to be proficient at LinkedIn (which no course shows you how as well for salespeople) AND then they need to be able to talk to prospects, to get through, get in, and SELL. We show you.

  • Q.Can I buy and share my login with others?

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  • Q.LinkedIn makes changes to its service. How will you address that?

    A.We will update the program as LinkedIn changes. Because we will always be selling the course in the future, it always needs to be current. Plus we will add new LinkedIn sales scenarios.

  • Q.How long do I have access to the program?

    A.Forever. At no additional charge.

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